Weight-Loss & Wellness

  • 15 min consultation to discuss the best program for you and your goals - FREE

  • 12 Visit Weight-Loss Program (More than 10lbs to lose) - $1400

  • 6 Visit Wellness Program (Less than 10 lbs to lose) - $700

  • Virtual Coaching - $1,000 for 12 visits

  • 4-in-4 Accountability Challenge - $100 for 4 weeks

  • Individual Weigh-in on InBody Scale - $15

  • 10 pack of Weigh-ins on InBody Scale - $100, must be used within 12 months. (Non-transferable)

  • Real Food Makeover - $150 (for 2 hours) - One of our staff will go through your refrigerator and pantry to discuss the good options and the not-so-good options for your personal program.

  • Personal Grocery Shopping - $75 for one hour - One of our staff will help guide you through the aisles to help read labels and choose the best options for your program.

  • Personal Cooking instruction - $75 for one hour - Our culinary specialist, Emily, will come to your house to personally teach you how to make meals that fit with your life and your program.

Wellness Assessments

  • Real Wellness Assessment - $150 for 2 30-min visits

  • Real Kid Sports Physicals - $30


IV Therapies

IV therapies are given in 1L of Saline and start at $120. Additional costs for extra therapies added to the bag.

  • Real Wellness Drip - This drip utilizes the Myers’ Cocktail to help you reach maximum overall wellness.

  • Real “Life of the Party” Drip - This drip helps hydrate and replenish you to prepare for or relieve the after-effects of a night of fun.

  • Real Immune Boost Drip - This drip enhances your immune system during cold and flu season using therapies such as Vitamin C, zinc, and selenium.

  • Real 5280 Drip - This drip can help relieve the effects of being at 5280 feet above sea level or from jet lag after being outside of the 5280.

  • Real Load Off (Stress Relief) - This drip provides antioxidants to help relieve any free radicals from stress and aging.

  • Real Life Athlete - This drip helps with muscle preparation and recovery.

  • Real Soothing - This drips eases pain associated with acute painful conditions, such as migraines and PMS cramps.

  • Real Life NAD+ Intense Therapy - NAD+ is present in every cell in the body and important for numerous functions including energy production, DNA repair, and metabolism and detoxification.  This intense therapy require an IV for 4-5 hours a day for 5 days in a row. *Please call for NAD+ prices*


  • IV or IM glutathione - the “mother of all antioxidants”  $30

  • IV Zofran - anti-nausea medication  $20

  • IV Toradol - anti-inflammatory medication $20 (like an IV dose of ibuprofen)

  • IM Vitamin B12 shot - $20

  • IM Skinny Shot-Boost (M.I.C. + Vit B12) - $50

*All prices subject to change at any time without notice*