IV Therapy: What is the Myers' Cocktail?

IV Hydration Therapy: What is the Myers’ Cocktail?

By Stefanie A. Huff, M.D.

April 14, 2019

In addition to weight loss and wellness programs, Briar Rose Wellness Group also offers IV Hydration therapy.  IV Hydration therapy is a safe and effective therapy that delivers vital fluids, vitamins and electrolytes directly into a vein to restore hydration and support the immune system.  We offer a variety of IV therapies at Briar Rose, with the most popular drip being the Myer’s Cocktail or the Real Wellness Drip.

The Myers’ Cocktail is a concoction of vitamins and minerals mixed into a 1 liter bag of fluid, such as normal saline.  This specific mixture of nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C, was created by physician John Myers and has been used for over 25 years to help treat various ailments.(1)  Adjustments can be made to the base solution to optimize the mixture for different complaints, such as a higher dose of Vitamin C for cold and flu symptoms, which has been shown to decrease viral symptoms if taken IV more than if taken by mouth.(1)  Giving the nutrients directly into the vein bypasses the need for absorption or metabolism in the gut. For example, if a patient has malabsorption issues, IV nutrients may be helpful in avoiding nutrient deficiencies. While there is no research to directly support the use of IV therapy, anecdotal and individual results show beneficial responses with minimal risks.(2) One randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled pilot study evaluated the Myers’ Cocktail versus placebo for treatment of fibromyalgia symptoms. Both treatment groups saw improvements that weren’t statistically different, but the Myers’ Cocktail group did see results sustained for 2 weeks longer than the placebo group. (3)

IV hydration and nutrition can provide the most benefit in acute processes, such as dehydration from gastroenteritis, jet lag, or a hangover.  Medications can be added to the IV cocktail to help with symptoms, such as ketorolac for inflammation and pain or ondansetron for nausea and vomiting. This combination can be especially useful for breaking a migraine headache.  Magnesium in the Myers Cocktail can help with magnesium deficiency, which can be common for many reasons, including depleted food sources, alcohol and processed food intake, and certain medication interactions. (4,5) Magnesium transports potassium and calcium in and out of cells. Therefore if magnesium is low, calcium and potassium levels will not be able to maintain a normal level and will be low as well. Magnesium also promotes the production of glutathione, called “the mother of all antioxidants.”(5)  Glutathione is another nutrient that can be added to the IV therapy, along with the antioxidant selenium and the amino acid, taurine. (6)

IV hydration and nutrient therapy is available at Briar Rose Wellness by appointment. We will also come to your home and provide mobile IV therapy if you have 4 or more people who would like to receive treatment.  This option is great for before a big weekend of entertaining or traveling to boost your hydration to avoid becoming too dehydrated. Contact BRWG now to make your appointment!

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