Let us help you find the true health & wellness success you have been seeking.

At Briar Rose Wellness Group, we are focused on bringing client-centered care to guide each person to maximum wellness goals.  Briar Rose Wellness Group offers a wide-spectrum of services that help our clients navigate real life, to find real results, and achieve real wellness.

For weight loss, our clinic utilizes intermittent fasting techniques and its benefits to help achieve lasting results, whether the goal is weight-loss, overall wellness, or both. Our team of wellness professionals will support and encourage each individual on a customized path. We teach you the science behind intermittent fasting, while providing monitoring and accountability. While learning about “when” and “what” to eat, patients will also learn mindfulness around eating, or the “why” component of eating. Our team has personal experience with intermittent fasting and its benefits, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.